Summer Reading Program Instructions

Here is a quick tutorial for signing up to Beanstack for the Summer Reading Program! Right now you can preregister and get an account, but can’t log minutes. Minutes can be logged starting July 13th. The website is

1. First you will need to select “Register an Individual or Family” and from there decide if you want to register yourself or a child

2. The next step is to fill out all the information to create an account like name, account name, and phone number

3. Next, select the corresponding reading program to the age of the person or child signed up. There should only be 1 selectable option. However, 13 year olds are special as they get to choose the kids or the teens program to go into the kids or teens challenge

4. Finally, select the gender of the person signing up and the local area

We hope that with the turmoil that the virus has caused, you can kick back and enjoy a little reading challenge for you and for your families from the library!