The Library is continually accepting donations of books, videos, DVD's, music CD's, etc. The library will preview the items to see if they are needed in the collection. Items not chosen for the collection go to the ongoing book sale managed by the Friends of the Library. It is located in the entrance area. There are also larger sales in February and June.
We do not accept outdated text books, encyclopedia sets, or mail catalogs.

Financial Support
The library accepts monetary donations that provide support for collections, services, or capital expenditures. Financial supporters may indicate an area of interest they would like to support. Donations have often been used to supplement special collections, children's summer programs, computers, shelving, or other furniture.
The Library Director can provide a current list of items and services that are in line with the Library's long range plans. Call (608) 296-2544, or email at

You may choose to honor a loved one through a memorial donation to the library. You can indicate a particular area of the collection or the library for which the donation should go, such that it reflects the individual being honored.

Planned giving/Bequests
If you would like to leave a legacy with the Ethel Everhard Memorial Library, this is the option you should choose. In order to ensure that your intensions are properly handled, you should be specific in your will.

Be specific when naming the items in your bequest. Is it money, stocks, bonds, local historical items, rare books, etc.?

Time & Skills
There are many ways to support the Library and community with a gift of your time and skill. It is also a good way to gain experience and references. Here is a list of volunteer positions we are currently in need of:
Shelvers - One Saturday per month 10:30-11:30 AM Computer instructors & tutors - Basic Internet & Word Processing as needed