Friends of the Library

Friends of the Ethel Everhard Memorial Library

The Friends of the Ethel Everhard Memorial Library meet on a monthly basis February-October. They support the library in several ways:


They hold two main fundraisers each summer to suppliment the Library's budget. They hold a major book sale and bake sale during Dariloucious Days in June, and a silent auction during another week, usually in the summer months. They also hold a minor book sale in February, and have begun management of the on-going book sale located in the lobby of the library.


The Friends are a voice of support for the library in the larger community. The director provides current updates to members at monthly meetings.

Special Projects

At times, the Friends are asked to assist with library programs or projects. Recently, this has included watering plants, helping unpack books in the library, and making sure the ongoing book sale is tidy and in order.

The Friends of the Ethel Everhard Memorial Library in Westfield, was formed in the summer of 1982, with the encouragement of Librarian Anne Reynolds. The group set goals to encourage reading and literacy in the community, volunteer service to the library, and help defray book and equipment expenses. Today the Friends of the Library, with over 20 faithful members, still meet once a month, promoting the library throughout the Westfield community.