Get a Library Card

Library Cards

To sign-up for a library card patrons need to show some form of ID with a current address at the circulation desk. Examples include: driver's license, a bill, or a student ID. Cards are issued for immediate use and may be used the same day they are issued. Patrons that are 18 and under will need to have a parent or legal guardian complete a permission slip before a card can be issued. Please notify the library if your card is lost or stolen so that we can prevent others from using your card.

The Ethel Everhard Memorial Library is a part of the Winnefox Library System. Library cards issued at the Ethel Everhard Memorial Library will work at any of the thirty public libraries within the Winnefox Library System. A full list of the Winnefox Library System member libraries can be found on their website at

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Teacher Cards

Westfield area teachers, homeschool families, daycare teachers, and daycare providers may apply for a teacher card that is separate from their personal library card. This allows  teachers to keep work and personal items separately organized. Items checked out to the teacher card need to be related to educational or classroom use. Teacher cards will not accrue fines. However, the policy does not cover extremely overdue items on a regular basis. Lost and damaged items will still be billed. 


  • This card is available to individuals who are involved in education at any of the following levels: public and private school teachers, home-schooling parents, student teachers, and daycare teachers.


  • This card allows eligible teachers to have one card for professional use and one for personal use


  • A teacher card can only be used for curriculum-based materials.
  • The card may not be used to circumvent rules and item limits that apply to regular library cards. The library reserves the right to withdraw this privilege due to abuse.
  • Teacher cards may not be used for local hold items.
  • This card has a three-week loan period with one renewal and no fines for overdue items. A due date may extend beyond this limit if an arrangement is made with the library director.
  • Lost or damaged items will be billed to the cardholder.
  • One teacher card will be permitted for an eligible patron in the Winnefox Library System.